Salewa MS Rapace GTX M 61332 0960 trekking shoes

ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ: Χρονος Παραδοσης 4 - 10 ημερες

Τιμή Τιμοκαταλόγου: 300.00
Κερδίζετε: 62.01 (21%)
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Παπουτσια Πεζοποριας - Ορειβατικα

  • Hiking boots
  • Made of solid material
  • Synthetic protections at sensitive points extend the life of the footwear, but also protect against mud or water.
  • Vibram sole with aggressive tread provides excellent grip and stability.
  • IFF Multi-Fit Footbed
  • Better fit according to individual preferences and maximum comfort.
  • Gore-Tex
  • 3F System - but et al

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