Adidas Speed Pants leggings M DZ4856

ΠΡΟΣΟΧΗ: Χρονος Παραδοσης 4 - 10 ημερες

Τιμή Τιμοκαταλόγου: 91.30
Κερδίζετε: 27.40 (30%)
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adidas Speed Tights Long * running leggings * tight fit * high waist * profiled knees * ankle zippers * sweat-wicking Climalite fabric * reflective details * composition: 80% nylon originating / 20% elastolefin * black colour

Finish your progressive run at even more speed. These leggings were created for training at high speeds and have compression straps to support muscles in strategic places. Ankle zippers make it easy to put on and take off, as well as an individual fit at the bottom of the legs. Cr Climalite removes sweat to give you dry comfort in all conditions.

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